Autowürks AW-TS650ML sealant

Autowürks Tire Repair Kit, 650mL (22 oz.) Direct Inject refill.
More information on the Autowürks 650 Tire Repair Kit here

All Autowürks Tire Repair Kits include our patented OEM tire sealant ensuring the highest quality and reliability. Our sealant is the only fiber based “valve through” sealant in the market.

Autowürks Tire Sealants:
• are non-hazardous, non flammable
• are easily applied through the valve core Coupled with our 12V inflators
• make a simple, quick and effective means to repair your tire

Sealing performance Punctures up to 6mm
Works repeatedly Yes
Flammability Non flammable
Toxicity Non toxic
Corrosiveness Non Corrosive
Easy Cleanup Yes, cleans up with water
Longevity Last the life of the tire
Temp range Operation temp range is -30C ~ +80C
Flat preventative No