Autowürks Tire Repair Kit 650


Autowürks emergency flat Tire Repair kit 650 offers motorists a reliable alternative to the traditional method of changing a flat tire that would normally require the use of a car jack and tools to remove and replace the wheel and flat tire.

Five easy steps will put you back on your way in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Remove the item that has caused the puncture (if possible)
  2. Connect inflator air hose to sealant container air valve fitting
  3. Connect sealant container hose to the valve stem in your wheel
  4. plug inflater power cord into the cigarette lighter and wait inside the comfort of your car while your tire inflates (usually 3 ~ 6 minutes)

Autowürks sealants contain a state-of-the-art blend of fibers, binders, polymers and congealing agents that intertwine and clot to seal punctures in your cars tires.

  • Autowürks Tire Sealant is a non hazardous, non flammable liquid tire sealant that can be used to repair or prevent tire punctures
  • The Tire Sealant is easily applied through the valve of any pneumatic tire
  • Coupled with a 12V inflator the Autowürks Tire Sealant makes a simple, effective means to repair your tire

Inflator Specs

Application Truck/SUV
Power 12 volt/cigarette lighter plug
BAR/PSI 6.9/100
Gauge Analog display BAR/PSI
Hose High pressure air hose with thread on head and bleeder
Inflation Time 3 ~ 6 minutes
Size 22.7  X 14 X 13 cm
Sealant 650 mL – Valve through

Sealant Specs

All Autowürks Tire Repair Kits include our patented OEM tire sealant ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

  • Autowürks Tire Sealants are non-hazardous, non flammable
  • Autowürks Tire Sealants are easily applied through the valve core Coupled with our 12V inflators
  • Autowürks Tire Sealants make a simple, quick and effective means to repair your tire
Sealing performance Punctures up to 6mm
Works repeatedly Yes
Flammability Non flammable
Toxicity Non toxic
Corrosiveness Non Corrosive
Easy Cleanup Yes, cleans up with water
Longevity Last the life of the tire
Temp range Operation temp range is -30C ~ +80C
Flat preventative No – Repair only